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Envision Minnesota Gubernatorial Debate and Citizens' Convention / 1000 Friends of Minnesota

Teen Pregnancy Prevention/Abstinence Education Conference / MN Dept. of Health

International Association of Industrial Accident Boards and Commissions / MN Dept. of Labor and Industry

Midwestern Governors' Conference / State of MN Office of the Governor

Great Lakes Governors' Conference / State of MN Office of the Governor

Innovative Judicial Interventions for Chemical Health / Minnesota Supreme Court

HIV Case Management Core Training / MN Dept. of Human Services

International Summit on Rural and Community Development / National Rural Development Partnership, Community Development Society, and the MN Dept.of Trade and Economic Development

Community Support Program for Mental Health / MN Dept. of Human Services

CriMNet / MN Dept. of Public Safety

Governor's Budget Priorities Assessments / MN Depts. Of Finance, Revenue and Planning

Sovereignty, The Health of the Matter / MN Dept. of Human Service

Keeping Minnesota Safe & Sober Conferences / MN Dept. of Public Safety

State Approaches to Fertilizer and Pesticide Cleanups / MN Dept. of Agriculture

National OneStop Conference / MN Dept. of Economic Security and the U.S. Dept. of Labor

Annual Human Rights Conferences / MN Dept. of Human Rights

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